The Pandemic Boost for E-Commerce in FMCG in Europe - Will it last?


Fine spirits and wine, gourmet food, special offerings for vegan and allergic consumers, but by no means a mass market for daily grocery shopping. Due to the pandemic and numerous lockdowns in European countries, shopping behavior has changed dramatically over the past months.

This white paper explores the recent developments of E-Commerce in FMCG in Europe with a primary focus on the retail perspective, comparing regional differences, and also adding the global view. Interviews with GfK experts provide additional insights into country specifics and complement the outlook on E-Commerce trends in FMCG that might be here to stay.

Part 1 of this paper takes a look back at 2019 and the pre-COVID situation, Part 2 analyzes the development of E-Commerce during the first lockdowns until May 2020, also adding findings until September 2020. A full report on the national development of E-Commerce in 15 European countries has been available since December 2020.

For our study we analyzed data from the GfK Consumer Panels, which collect high-quality data from households, who record their daily purchases with a barcode hand scanner or smartphone. Our partner Kantar provided additional regional support.

Learn more about country specifics from GfK experts, who contributed to this white paper:

  • Norman Buysse - Director Retail, GfK Netherlands
  • Marco Pellizzoni - Commercial Director Consumer Panel, GfK Italy
  • Dr. Benjamin Brinkhoff - Account Director, GfK Germany

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