Discounter on the Rise


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market: Intense and competitive

With the global growth rate having slowed down in 2019, gaining value share is key for success in FMCG:

  • Who will win the race?
  • Does E-Commerce outpace stationary?
  • Is Omnichannel the new mantra in the retail space?
  • Are private labels the road to success?
  • Do we see a correlation between market share and private label share for Discounters?
  • What will the “new normal” in shopping behaviour in the next decade be – once COVID-19 lies behind us?

Our report addresses all those questions, but with a clear focus on Discounters, as we see them gaining value share, winning across Europe and many other countries, outperforming Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. In short: Discounters are on the rise.

The data allowed us to analyse the development on a global, regional and country level, and to look for patterns of success. In addition, experts from GfK and Kantar added their findings on the development in markets around the globe.

FMCG in this study is defined as FMCG excluding non-barcoded fresh food. The period of the collection of data covers October 2018 to October 2019, unless stated otherwise. Many thanks to our partner Kantar who provided additional support and data.

“Discounter on the Rise” is a study by GfK SE. Based on the Consumer Panels from GfK and Kantar, we analyzed data from 37 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and LATAM. The GfK Consumer Panel collects high-quality data from households, who record their daily purchases for in home consumption.

These experts contributed to this whitepaper:

  • Anton Heigl – GfK Germany
  • Victoria Davitaia – GfK Russia
  • Justin Cook – Kantar Worldpanel, China
  • Peter Christou – Kantar Worldpanel, Vietnam
  • Katya López – Kantar Worldpanel, Colombia
  • Rafael Kröger Couto – Kantar Worldpanel, Brazil


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