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German smartphone users turning to apps rather than online browsing


Nuremberg, 24 September 2014 – Findings released by GfK at dmexco 2014 show that smartphone owners in Germany are spending 85 percent of their total online time using mobile apps, rather than mobile browsing (15 percent).

Across all Germany’s smartphone users, for both Android and iOS operating systems, the most popular online activities (when considering duration per user) are:

1. Mailing / Instant Messaging/Chat
2. News / Information
3. Forum / Networking / Dating
4. Gaming / Gambling
5. Online Video / Podcasts
6. Shopping / Auctions

On average, Germany’s smartphone users unlock their smartphone 33 times a day, use 37 different apps and visit 59 different websites per month and spend 244 minutes doing online gaming via their smartphone each month. German smartphone owners are also spending well over half of their total online time on their smartphones (59 percent), compared to 41 percent on their desktop at home.

With regards to heavy smartphone users (the top 25 percent in terms of activity) GfK’s analyses showed that this target group is younger than total population: 77 percent are between 14 and 39 years old and are represented across all income levels.

One area where desktop PCs continue to dominate is in accessing sites such as eBay and Amazon, which the majority of Germans continue to do so exclusively via their desktop PC. However, they extend this by also searching for products in-store or following their auction bids ‘on the go’, via their smartphones. For these sites, smartphones are adding incremental reach, but not replacing the desktop PCs.

Björn Sprung, Senior Director at GfK, comments, “Our findings in Germany are a good example of why it is important for businesses to measure cross device use amongst their target audiences. The way in which consumers are using mobile devices is becoming more complex, with different devices dominating for different website or activities. Increased simultaneous usage over the day leads to new challenges and opportunities for advertisers to reach their audience. Our data gives companies precise information on which areas they need to optimize for which types of device, helping them get a competitive overview and deliver a consistently high customer experience. This phenomenon will be analyzed further by also including tablet usage as tablets are becoming increasingly commonly used, and starting to replace desktop usage at home.”

For more information: Björn Sprung, Senior Director at GfK, T +49 40 55 61 59 87

About the data

The data in this release show the June 2014 German data from GfK’s Media Efficiency Panel (MEP), which is being transitioned into GfK Crossmedia Link as part of GfK’s global initiative to roll out this service into additional countries. GfK Crossmedia Link provides single source measurement of online and mobile activity, including purchase behavior, media consumption, attitudes etc.


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