The latest trends and opportunities for Consumer Tech and Durables

Six months into 2022, and many uncertainties continue to shake the global economy. Consumer Technology & Durables leaders face many new challenges, including:

  • Sky-rocketing production and shipping costs which are disrupting supply and distribution
  • Rising crude oil prices (among other things) due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine
  • Massive inflation
  • Declining consumer confidence, resulting in purchase delays

All of these challenges are massively contrasting with the growth that the industry faced in 2021, when sales jumped by 12% year-over-year.

As growth slows, leaders must be savvy about where to focus sales, marketing, and product efforts to stay ahead of the competition.

Watch our insights video to hear about the trends and how to leverage them from Norbert Herzog and Jan Lorbach, both Senior Global Strategic Insights Managers at GfK.

Here are some ways to react to the current market conditions

  • Understand consumer needs
  • Bundle convenient functionalities
  • Find innovative ways to upgrade your offerings
  • Integrate sustainability to reach premium positioning
  • Create a seamless shopping experience

Get the full State of Consumer Tech & Durables 2022 report with all the latest trends and expert insights so that you can evolve your strategies to close out 2022 strong.

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