GfK Geo+ Target Groups

Knowing your target groups is a cornerstone of success. But this is increasingly difficult amidst complex markets and diverse consumer behavior. And limited marketing and sales budgets mean that every dollar must be strategically invested to drive your business.

  • How can you locate and reach your target groups for each of your products and market regions?
  • How can you make the most of limited marketing resources to identify and locate your core target group?
  • What’s an objective benchmark for measuring the ROI and impact of your marketing campaigns?

What we do

Our target group consultancy answers these questions so you can locate existing customers as well as future ones. We do this by analyzing your customer database, loyalty cards and other related information. We then cross-reference this data with our regional data on socio-demographic traits, consumer behavior and other factors. We also draw on anonymized and aggregated data from GfK’s consumer panels and employ geospatial modeling to bring your existing and prospective customers into clear focus. This gives you a precise portrait of your target groups and their regional distribution as well as an objective benchmark for measuring and improving your market development strategies.      

How you benefit

Our insights allow you to identify the profile and locations of your target groups. We also calculate the purchasing power for your products, which illuminates the regional demand for your offering. This lets you implement region-sensitive marketing campaigns and align your category management and POS promotions with regional demand and potential. We also give you an objective benchmark for analyzing the impact of your marketing campaigns. You can then use these insights to boost your marketing impact and ROI.

Why choose us?

Our target group consultancy pinpoints the make-up and regional distribution of your target groups, and shows you where demand potential is highest. We offer:

  • Unique data on actual consumer spending: We combine our geomarketing methodology with the latest insights on consumer spending behavior to determine your target group and their demand potential.
  • Extensive research on regional target groups: We combine our statistical knowledge with our on-site experience, so we can tell you the precise locations of your target groups.
  • Experience and industry expertise: Our proven and trusted methods give you reliable, deep-reaching data on the consumers most interested in your offering.

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