GfK Market Intelligence: Forecasting

Demand Forecasting /  DFO

Understand what’s impacting current and future demand

Evidence-based planning you can trust

Today’s speed to market for new products and shortening lifecycles place a unique pressure on organizations to stay competitive. Consumer purchasing behavior is constantly shifting. To succeed, businesses need accurate sales forecasts – based on robust analysis – and the most up-to-date purchasing and market trends. GfK delivers detailed forecasts of demand for technology devices, as well as insight into global technology market trends. 

Our forecasts are built using the world’s largest sample of Point of Sales data for durable goods combined with our global expertise and local knowledge. This powerful combination offers uniquely granular and timely forecasts of future demand – predicting what products consumers will purchase, in what volume, at what price, and where.

There are three solutions in GfK’s Forecast suite:

  • Demand Forecast for manufacturers and retailers
  • Forecasting for institutional investors
  • Supply Chain and Industry Market Analytics

Mastering supply and demand with a new approach to planning

Consumers, not retailers or manufacturers, are the driving force in today’s customer-centric economy. They determine the appetite for products, rendering the traditional models of supply and demand redundant. With less time than ever to deliver a margin and maximize sales, brands, retailers and manufacturers must anticipate and respond rapidly to changing consumer preferences if they are to offer the right products to the right customers at the right time. Your ability to accurately forecast future demand can make the difference between sales success or failure.

GfK Market Intelligence: Forecasting provides you with objective, regular and accurate predictions to:

  • Perfect your sales planning: Understand what’s impacting current and future demand; position your product portfolio to optimize new growth areas; accommodate major industry drivers.
  • Master supply chain management: Incorporate the impact of new technology in your planning; minimize over-production and supply shortages; increase customer satisfaction by anticipating and meeting customers’ needs before they arise.
  • Get the topline view: Access country and market toplines on a product group level; integrate historical trends and seasonal moves in your business planning; react quickly with short-term forecasts.

Flexible, frequent and scalable, with GfK Market Intelligence: Forecasting you can rely on predictions for more than 300 technical consumer goods product categories worldwide. Access data 24/7 via an easy-to-use online dashboard, delivered at a frequency to suit you.

Enabling investors to make informed and timely investment decisions

Institutional investors face pressure to perform. Having advance warning of significant emerging trends at the earliest stages is invaluable to support investment decisions.

We provide investors with reliable and detailed forecasts based on actual sales data. We predict and document turning points in consumer demand, providing regular, timely and detailed company analysis on technology hardware, semiconductor and consumer durable companies. The team’s global presence provides near 24/7 support.

Expert-level forecasting for the supply chain industry

Leveraging GfK sell-out data, we deliver timely, primary and incremental research to component suppliers and branded vendors globally. Our service, Supply Chain and Industry Market Analytics (SIMA), covers in-depth analysis and triangulates it with external data points to explain and anticipate developments in the technology device marketplace

SIMA is designed for supply chain vendors in the Handset, TV and PC/Tablet space and covers a global and regional level forecasts delivered by our dedicated market analysts based in Asia, US and Europe

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