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GfK Key Account Data Reporting

Maximize sales on key retail accounts

A common data currency to succeed in negotiations and influence category management

Today, consumers are harder to find, to engage with, and to please than ever before. To succeed, manufacturers need to optimize sales at key retailers and cooperate closely with them. It is essential that both start from a common data currency for account level and joint category planning. Our Key Account Data (KAD) facilitates that all-important collaboration.

Assess and optimize performance

Key Account Data integrates individually named retailer data into POS standard reporting. It covers all brands and models listed by a retailer and includes a panel market benchmark. Manufacturers can assess shared competitive performance based on the same data as their retail partner, and optimize trade spend with granular point-of-sales data at retail account level. KAD answers your key business questions, so you can:

  • Understand the performance of your brand, product or model at account-level versus the competition and total market. 
  • Evaluate your competitors’ performance at the retailer for different price points and product segments.
  • Determine which categories, segments and items offer growth opportunities with the retailer. 
  • Collaborate effectively to improve the impact of the account and create a consumer-focused category plan.
  • Benefit from neutral, reliable data to align fast and jointly improve assortment and promotional activities.

Drive sales at account level and excel at category management

KAD’s common data currency provides unprecedented opportunities for benchmarking, increasing sales, and optimizing trade return on investment. From allocating trade marketing spend, to maximizing pricing strategies, or building a portfolio mix across a retail partner’s network, KAD helps you evaluate your own and competitors’ performance and develop business opportunities by category, segments, brands, and models.

Clarity and transparency of data that’s unique in today’s market

We are the only company able to provide structured, consistent, and complete retailer-level data and actionable insights in the tech and durables space. Uniquely, retailers have agreed to share their data with manufacturers who subscribe to KAD, providing brands with sell-out data on not just their own products, but on their competitors’ products too. This clarity and transparency of data is a rare proposition in today’s marketplace.

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