CES Conference 2023

We attended this year’s CES Conference and saw how technology advancements will be impacting consumers during 2023. The main themes were sustainability, creating smart home ecosystems, and achieving more immersive experiences with VR/AR.

Here are the three key takeaways we want to share with you!

Sustainability & Purpose: embedded into ecosystems as part of customer experiences

New products were not this year’s focus, but on how existing devices work together to save energy. With the increasing importance of climate change, the drive is towards consumer accessibility.

Smart Home Products & Ecosystems: connectivity and compatibility for great experiences

Latest innovations have seen Smart Home Ecosystems advance further in convenience, personalization and compatibility. Delivering better entertainment options and maintain a more sustainable lifestyle for consumers.

AR & VR become more immersive than ever before

Offering more immersive experiences saw newer headsets and a focus on accessories as the Metaverse evolves beyond just a concept.

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