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The latest trends, findings and actions to keep marketing leaders ahead of the pack.
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Expert intelligence for marketing leaders ahead of the curve

Make an impact. Keep pace with relentless change, evolving consumer behaviors and tech advancements with the latest insights curated for senior marketers.  

Connect to research reports, market intelligence, industry updates and more — with actionable steps for CMOs and executive-level marketers to navigate the changes they signal, and come out winning. 

Sustainability. Digital transformation. Brand building. The AI evolution. It’s all here, with dedicated insights for Tech & Durables, FMCG, Automotive, and Retail movers and shakers. 

Understanding the true impact of AI on marketing

AI is radically reshaping marketing and business. At face value, automation allows teams to focus on tasks of strategic value, while AI-led insights enable faster, more informed decisions. Yet, questions linger: What skills are essential to use it? How will roles evolve? How do we address data bias and balance AI with human intuition? 

Explore developments over the past year: Tap into discussions with industry experts and marketing leaders from our CMO Outlook Survey and Media Measurement roundtable, and delve into the latest research by NielsenIQ. 

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CMO Outlook Report

Beyond the hype — what AI actually means for marketing

Explore the full impact of AI and machine learning in marketing. Discover how automation and data insights are reshaping strategies, addressing biases, and blending AI with human creativity. Discover the state of play in transformative technology from this excerpt from our CMO Outlook Report.
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Brand Building For The Short- And Long Term

In a landscape where market dynamics and consumer behavior is constantly evolving, understanding the art of brand building is crucial. Our latest insights uncover why 70% of senior marketers allocate a major portion of their budgets to long-term brand growth, whether you should too, and how to do it.  

Strike the perfect balance between budgeting for the short- and long term. Discover how to gain C-suite buy-in for your strategic plans, dive into consumer-led growth tactics that enhance brand strength, and explore innovative segmentation methods for immediate sales boosts and sustained success.  

This is your roadmap to ensuring brand prominence. 


Green Leadership: From Sustainability To Brand Edge

73% of global consumers think it’s important companies take eco-responsible actions, and the C-suite increasingly expects marketers to make decisions that influence the world positively. Yet, only 42% of CMOs list sustainability and environmental protection as key to their organization’s brand identity — an opportunity for bold brands to outpace their hesitant competitors, by bridging the perception gap and leading the way with sustainability. 

From consumer deep dives, to market analysis on the rise of EVs — explore the latest intelligence on sustainability, and how you can turn this tide to your advantage. 


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