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The latest trends, findings and actions to keep marketing leaders ahead of the pack.
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Marketing leaders: stay ahead of the curve with GfK's CMO insights

Marketing leaders looking to make an impact must keep pace with relentless change, including evolving consumer behaviors and technological advancement.  

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve created a dedicated CMO Insights page to share our research reports and market intelligence. Designed for CMOs and executive-level marketers, our expert insights provide actionable steps for navigating change, improving data-driven decision-making, and fostering innovation and agility.  

Recently, we’ve published insights in key marketing areas such as inflation, sustainability, digital transformation, brand building, and the role of AI in marketing. Here’s a sneak peek of some of our latest releases:


Brand building — necessity or nice-to-have?

Shifts in buyer behavior, high inflation, and volatile interest rates are making consumers reconsider which brands they give their money to. Companies who invested in brand building during the 2007–2009 recession enjoyed a 4x increase in post-recovery market share. But is this enough to convince the C-Suite to invest in brand building initiatives? Get the latest insights and actionable steps to secure their buy-in on.
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Human vs AI

Human vs AI: Can ChatGPT outsmart a CMO?

GfK’s CMO, Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva, goes head-to-head against the latest craze in AI, ChatGPT, to debate the latest trends and how marketing leaders should pivot based on them. Can robots really take over our jobs? Watch the full video debate and find out!
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Pioneering digital transformation in enterprise

80% of CMOs recognize data, analytics and insights as critical to winning and retaining customers, but only 33% are confident in their existing systems. Be a part of the 67% — lead the charge on root-and-branch Digital Transformation in your organization with expert insights and actionable recommendations.
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Reap the full rewards of a sustainable business

Can brands cater to green consumers and fight the effects of inflation? While 40% of shoppers find it difficult to act sustainably while cost of living soars, those who can are trading down on products not principles. Get the insights you need to win your share of this US$800bn market.
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Leveraging data to navigate inflation

Consumer behavior and markets are shifting suddenly under unprecedented inflation. For the modern marketer, speed wins — and this requires access to timely, reliable data. Counter the effects of economic turbulence with bold, actionable, and relevant strategies based on data-driven insights. Get the insights you need to secure your competitive advantage.
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