State of Consumer Technology and Durables Report

Consumer and market intelligence to shape your 2022 business strategies

Did you know that the Consumer Technology and Durables industry is projected to experience 12% year-on-year growth by the end of 2021 — and that’s on the back of an already impressive 2020. To maintain this growth momentum, you need to stay ahead of market and consumer trends that will impact the way you do business in the coming months.

Our State of Consumer Technology and Durables report delves into these trends, the opportunities that they open, and what smart brands are doing now to thrive in the future. Explore the following trends:

  • The boom is here, but deceleration in coming. Are you prepared?
  • Decisions must happen in real time. Do you have the data and technology to make them?
  • Brand stories matter more than ever before. Are your brand investments paying off?
  • Innovations in sales channels will shape the industry. Which channels and touchpoints impact your business?
  • …and more!

About the report

This report is free to download and provides a global snapshot of the Consumer Technology and Durables industry. It brings into focus key trends in consumer behavior and market forces at the close of 2021, and projects ahead to 2022.

Examining first the ways consumer lifestyles have changed in the turbulent months since early 2020, our research then demonstrates how these new attitudes, expectations, and behaviors translate to altered buying patterns. For example, in Western Europe, year-to-date growth in e-commerce jumped from 27% to 43% of the market between 2019 and 2021. Following this, we highlight the market shifts set to impact the way business is done in T&D.

The report is drawn from data that clients can find within gfknewron, as well as expert insight from our executives and data analysts. Don’t miss out on this unique intelligence that can help shape your upcoming business strategies.

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