GfK at IFA Berlin 2023

Bringing you the full view on the state of today’s tech markets

As IFA’s Insights Partner 2023, we are proud to have contributed the full view on market, consumer, and brand intelligence for manufacturers and retailers in consumer electronics.  

Once again brands from around the world came together to showcase the very latest products and innovations in consumer electronics and home appliances.  

At the event, you may have heard us leading discussions on topics ranging from the mega-trends driving consumer electronics, to the new normal in shopping and spending habits, to the latest in electrification and Sustainability. If you want a recap or didn’t get a chance to attend our sessions, you will be able to download our insights from 20 Sep onwards – stay tuned! 

  • Leaders Summit - Staying ahead of the curve

    Exploring the mega trends driving innovation in electronics and appliances

    What are the key trends in the electronics and appliance industries in 2023? This year has seen a surge in sustainability-focused initiatives and advanced connected devices for customers to make informed decisions about their health, wellness and energy use amid the cost of living crisis. The semiconductor industry is ushering in a new era of globalization as countries seek self-reliance, and AI has become all-pervasive with applications ranging from predictive analytics to robotics. Companies continue to leverage the metaverse and AR/VR technologies to provide immersive experiences for customers and to unlock new opportunities for growth and engagement. We delve into:

    • What new technologies and products are disrupting the industry? 
    • What types of products and services are most appealing to consumers? 
    • How are consumer needs and preferences changing amid inflationary and cost of living pressures, and how are manufacturers catering and adapting? 
    • What emerging technologies, business models and strategies should businesses consider to remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve? 

    Panel lead and contributor​s:
    Warren Saunders, Global President, Tech and Durables, NIQ GfK
    Ratna Sita, Head of Research, Euromonitor International 
    Michael Fisher, AKA Captain2phones, Gadget Enthusiast and Youtube Reviewer 
    Pierre Coppin, Deputy Managing Director, Sky
    Bill Darcy, Chief Executive Officer, National Kitchen & Bath Association 

  • Leaders Summit - Reimagining customer retail

    The new normal in shopping and spending habits

    The retail industry has undergone a series of momentous transformations over the past few years. The covid19 pandemic catalysed the acceleration of trends that had already taken root, including e-commerce, social media marketing, direct-to-consumer relationships, and conscientious consumerism. As physical stores shuttered, online shopping became the new norm as retailers quickly pivoted to cultivate a seamless and expeditious digital presence. As physical stores have reopened, retailers face challenges such as supply chain disruptions, inflation and keeping up with customer touchpoints. The industry is under pressure to reinvent itself to meet customers' new expectations regarding service, speed, and availability.

    Panel lead and contributor​s:
    Michael McLaughlin, President, Global Retail, NIQ GfK
    Tom Hickman, Chief Executive Officer, Nationwide Marketing Group
    Lisa Lopuck, Co-Founder and CEO, ShareGallery.com
    Bart van der Vis, Director Germany, Coolblue

  • Sustainability Village - The Global Consumer View on the Path to Electrification: Opportunities and Barriers 

    As the automotive industry moves towards electrification at break neck speed, can we expect the same from consumers? Consumers in the market for a new vehicle are enthusiastic about EVs for their sustainability promises, petrol savings, and futuristic tech. But consumers are also recognizing a number of barriers to ownership including inflationary/price pressures and infrastructure shortcomings. Further, the pace of embracing electrification is unequal around the world. In this session, we will understand the global consumer view of this enormous opportunity and how manufacturers and marketers can help close the gap with future EV owners. 

    Tim Kenyon, VP, Consulting, Consumer Life, NIQ GfK

  • GfK Insight Talk Germany - Hersteller oder Händler – wo liegt die Zukunft?

    Marktupdate der technischen Konsumgüter Q2/Q3 Diskussion über Herausforderungen in der Zusammenarbeit und die Zukunft von Herstellern und Händlern. Mit Experten von Euronics, Samsung und WMF/SEB.

    Alexander Dehmel, Head of Market Intelligence Germany & Austria, NIQ GfK
    Patrycja Grebel, Vice President Commercial Germany, NIQ GfK
    Andreas Peplinski, Director Customer Success, NIQ GfK

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Warren Saunders 2021-event
Warren Saunders

Global President, Tech and Durables, NIQ GfK
Michael McLaughlin_258x258px
Michael McLaughlin

President, Global Retail, NIQ GfK
Tim Kenyon

VP, Consulting, Consumer Life, NIQ GfK
Alexander Dehmel

Head of Market Intelligence Germany & Austria, NIQ GfK
Patrycja Grebel GfK
Patrycja Grebel

Vice President Commercial Germany, NIQ GfK
Andreas Peplinski

Director Customer Success, NIQ GfK

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