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///CMO Outlook Report Regional Overview

Gain deeper insight into today’s marketing landscape in your target regions with local findings drawn from our CMO Outlook Report.
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Localized insights. Global Perspective.

Our CMO Outlook Report shares data-backed insights on emerging trends in marketing, and how 600+ senior marketing leaders are planning to capitalize for growth. Deep dive into regional overviews that share why they're growing more upbeat, getting localized insights into:  

  • Who feels most confident in their ability to add organizational value.
  • Where AI and machine learning are already comfortably in play (or not).
  • What is holding senior marketers back from tapping into real-time data.
  • Why some are more concerned about sustainability messaging than others.

Compare metrics from your regions of interest with the global trends surfaced in our full report, available here. 

Impact of economic environment on sector & marketing investment

Despite the difficult geopolitical situation, 73% of the marketing leaders state that their company has grown the last 3 years. 

The proportion of those who are optimistic about the future is even higher (78%). Asia Pacific and Europe are less optimistic about the future. 

65% of marketing leaders say it's easy to justify marketing investments. Yet, it seems easier in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

The size of the company has an impact on how easy it is to be able to defend marketing investments: easier in companies with 500-2.499 employees (71%), less easy in smaller companies (61%) and large companies (58%). 

Marketing budget split: long-term vs short-term

A large proportion of the companies are thinking and investing long-term: 70% of the companies invest at least 60% of the marketing expenditure long-term. 

Smaller companies up to $500 million are less focused on long-term: 62% 

Europe is very focused on long-term brand building. In South America, significantly less is invested in long-term measures, 18% of marketers invest less than 40% of their budget long-term.

From data to insights!

26% of marketing decision-makers say they receive actionable insights in real time. The share of real-time insights is highest in Europe (33%) and lowest in Middle East and Africa (19%). Companies who have grown in the last 3 years and are optimistic about the future seem to be more digitalized and gather insights from data in real-time. 

Familiarity with new technologies

Marketing leaders are most familiar with AI, machine learning closely followed by ChatGPT 

ChatGPT, AR and VR are particularly familiar in North America. AI and machine learning are used most often in Europe, all other technologies are used somewhat less. North America: high usage of ChatGPT (45%), and AR (36%). Asia Pacific: average usage of AI, machine learning and ChatGPT. Lower usage of all other technologies. South America: High usage of AR (42%) and VR (42%).

Marketers' priority areas for improvement the next 12 months

The top ranked areas for improvement in the next 12 months are media optimization, extracting data signals across channels and generating actionable insights  all 44%. The story is similar in each of the different regions, with varying priorities.

Barriers to realizing the full data and insight potential

The biggest barriers to realizing full potential of data assets are: Data integration (33%) followed by insufficient tools (30%) and resistance to change (29%). 

Regionally this follows a similar pattern. Difficulty in connecting data together across different sources (data integration) remains the key issue in the Americas and Europe. While in META the main barriers are lack of resources (37%), insufficient tools (35%) and lack of investment budget (35%). In Asia Pacific, it's lack of talent (35%) and data integration (34%). 

Perceptions of sustainability and environmental (S&E) protection

42% of the marketing leaders agree that 'sustainability and environmental protection’ is an important part of the brand identity… however, it is also partly expected by consumers.  

The bigger the company, the more marketing leaders think that customers expect companies to address this topic: 24% think that sustainability and environmental protection is important to how they operate as a business, but not to marketing — this view rises to 31% in North America. 

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