If you know
how online behavior has changed,
you  can inspire action.

Discover how the pandemic changed online behaviors across Europe so that you can identify where to reach your target group and create campaigns that drive results. 

Use the right touchpoints and channels to activate the people you want to reach

Digital usage has significantly changed since the first lockdown in March 2020. Since then, there has been some stabilization of online habits, but behavior is still significantly different than it was before COVID-19. And, it continues to fluctuate as different countries shift in and out of lockdown measures. Habits across markets also share some similarities, but also many differences. 

What does this mean for you? You've already created market leading products. Now you need to adapt your marketing strategies so that they have maximum impact. You need to ensure your message is heard. That your target group knows why they need your products. And that you can inspire them to take action. See past the disruption and gear up to stay ahead of the game.

Insights to reach your target group on the channels that they use

By understanding how online behavior is changing, you can better plan your marketing activities around the channels that your target group actually uses. We enable marketing leaders to: 


Identify which online channels people use the most

Uncover where people across Europe spend their time online to plan an effective channel marketing strategy.


See how online behaviors are changing over time

Understand how the pandemic and different phases of lockdown(s) have impacted online behavior and adjust campaigns accordingly.

differences across markets

Compare differences across categories and markets

See differences across online categories (news, travel, communication) and countries to tailor campaigns for your market.

The importance of understanding changes in your target group's online habits

Online habits have fluctuated drastically during the pandemic. Understanding the habits of your target group has a major impact on the success of your marketing and channel strategy. Consider: 

  • Where people buy: E-commerce traffic was up as much as 50% from pre-COVID-19  levels. Do you know where your target group is shopping so that you can place your products and messaging on the most effective channels?
  • How they now communicate: Particularly during lockdowns, usage of communication platforms is up substantially. Do you know which apps your target group uses to communicate?
  • The topics that interest them the most: News and entertainment sites and apps were at a high during lockdowns, while sports dipped and have yet to fully recover. Do you know what piques the interests of your target group so that you can adjust your communication strategy accordingly?


Source: GfK cross-media single source panel, Germany


Ready to take your campaigns to the next level?

Understanding online behavior is the first step to reaching your target audience. But if you really want to build campaigns that drive results, check out our Integrated Solutions product suite. It gives you a complete view of your target group so that you can best plan, execute, and measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Our Integrated Solutions combine different data assets from a single source - media exposure and advertising contacts, socio-demographics, survey feedback on lifestyles, attributes, and product purchase/purchase intent from the GfK consumer panels - to provide you with the market´s first 360 degree view of your campaigns.

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