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GfK Seller Insights

The retail insights solution for Amazon sellers who want to optimize their product assortment and pricing strategy.

Take your Amazon store to the next level with valuable customer insights

Our solution offers a range of valuable features that enable you to identify new trends in the market, explore new product opportunities, and gain access to powerful analytics and reporting services to make data-driven decisions. Our business tools and services are designed to help you fine-tune your product assortment, so you can boost sales and maximize ROI on your Amazon storefront.

With GfK Seller Insights you can:
  • Analyze growth rates and view 13-month trends for any item
  • Access detailed product feature information
  • Compare product options to find your next “top seller”
  • Understand the dominance of top models in specific markets

You don’t have to take our word for it. 100% of our webinar attendees would recommend our insights webinar with Amazon. 

Tailored to Your Amazon Business Needs

From tracking specific product categories to forecasting demand, GfK Seller Insights can be tailored to serve the unique need of your business — helping you make data-driven decisions that boost long-term performance.

A Trusted Source for Comprehensive, Unbiased Market-Level Analysis and Consumer Insight

GfK is a global retail and consumer insights firm covering the Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) & Durables market. Through partnerships with over 100,000 retailers across 60 countries, GfK delivers critical retail data for more than 10 million SKUs and $1 trillion in sales.

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