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If you know
that 60% of shoppers buy
environmentally-conscious brands,
you'll make your brand more sustainable.

Our Sustainability Concern and Action Report provides insights on how attitudes and behaviors are changing around the environment. Register below to receive our free sample report, covering insights from Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Insights from Russia will be coming soon.


Brands must find the sweet spot between doing the right thing and commercial success

Sustainability is a major concern for shoppers. Businesses that leverage these concerns will create new opportunities for themselves; those that do not act will be at risk. 

GfK, together with Europanel and Kantar, has studied consumer concerns and behaviors across more than 75,000 global households and has connected these insights with what they are actually purchasing while in the store. Our 2019 study showed that environmental concerns had a direct impact on brand purchases and choosing product packaging. Since the last survey both climate change and plastic avoidance have hit society in a big way. Around the world people have voiced concerns and sustainability topics moved from scientific journals to mainstream news and brand advertising. We’re also now undergoing a global health pandemic coupled with an expected recession, both of which could heighten or temper environmental concerns.  

Our 2020 study will evaluate the changes in concern, action, need and purchase behavior vs. 2019. We’ve added additional questions for a broad sustainability understanding including topics such as recycling, impact of individual behavior, and the different needs shoppers have for different categories. 

The study provides answers to your most pressing questions

The study provides answers to the most pressing questions

What are consumers' current attitudes and behaviors when it comes to sustainability, and how has that changed since 2019?

The study provides answers to the most pressing questions

How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted concerns about climate change and plastic waste reduction? 

The study provides answers to the most pressing questions

What role do manufacturers, retailers, government, and shoppers play in limiting and regulating waste?

The study provides answers to the most pressing questions

Are consumers across different demographics influenced by social media influencers and celebrity activists in the space? 

The study provides answers to the most pressing questions

What actions are consumers willing to take in their day-to-day lives to protect the environment? 

The study provides answers to the most pressing questions

What actions should you take both now and in the future to meet consumer demands when it comes to the environment?

Our unique approach matches attitudes with behavior  

Our research is unique because it provides a complete, holistic view of your target consumers' attitudes and behaviors by linking household purchase data (actual purchase behavior) with attitudinal and reported behavior from our consumer panel insights. 

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We offer two types of reports

Test multi-country report

Multi-country report with an overview of behaviors and concerns of shoppers across five countries in Europe.
Test country report

Country report in each of the markets covered providing local results, including segments and category performance.





Together with Europanel and Kantar, we can offer the report in 24 countries

The report is built on a global scale. GfK's reports cover six countries, including Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, and Slovakia. However, if you're interested in reports from any of the other regions covered below, we can put you in touch with the right contact to make it happen!

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Jan-Fredrik Stahlbock

Jan-Fredrik Stahlbock  
Global Product Director
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