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If you know
how Latin American consumers respond in times of crisis, you can adapt your strategies accordingly.

Understand the mindset, lifestyles, and purchase decisions of consumers in top Latin American
economies so you can tailor your strategies to connect with them with greater confidence and ease.

Take a fresh look at Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico

Latin America tends to be less visible than other parts of the world in terms of global media coverage, often overshadowed by Asian giants and affluent developed markets. Yet it is a large and vibrant region that offers abundant opportunity for marketers. While it was not greatly affected by the Great Recession a decade ago, it has not escaped the latest global crisis –the COVID-19 pandemic. As in other regions, the disease has exposed and exacerbated economic and healthcare inequities. 

However, Latin America has a history of pushing through tough times benefiting from its natural resources, as well as enormous scope for green energy and tech industries. Get insights on consumers in the region, and the local nuances that marketers investing in the area need to know about.

What’s included in the GfK Consumer Life 2021 Latin America report:

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Economy & Population

Cross-market view of the population, economic prospects and the uneven impact of COVID. Learn which markets lead or lag, and which consumer groups will rise or fall.

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Mindset & Lifestyle

Understand the core values that unite and divide markets. Learn about their values orientation and what drives environmental behaviors and attitudes toward leisure time.

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Tech & Media

Explore Latin American consumers’ attitudes and concerns towards technology, their interest in smart homes and the role of gaming activities.

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Shopping & Consumption

Get insights on consumers’ shopping preferences, top brand factors, important shopping influencers and the market's affinity for advanced technology offers.

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