Outsmart the competition this Peak Season 2021

Up-to-date consumer and market insights to validate your peak season strategies and maximize Q4 sales

This is a “Golden Quarter” like no other

COVID-19 has disrupted market dynamics and consumer behavior, reshaping the retail landscape. Supply chains are stretched, and stock levels unpredictable. Business leaders must make proactive, informed decisions to navigate this volatility, and ensure Singles’ Day, Black Friday, and other Q4 promotions are structured to optimize overall profits.

Our latest white paper, titled “Ready, steady, go! Get set to conquer the competition during Peak Season 2021” sets out critical, up-to-date consumer and market insights to help you boost peak season decision-making, allowing you to validate your strategies against the trends and developments it covers. With this information at your fingertips, you can react quickly and decisively, staying one step ahead of your competitors.

GfK identifies four keys to Peak Season 2021 success

  1. Understand and prepare for volatility – how will the market shape up?
  2. Have your finger on the pulse of today's shopper – how has their behavior been altered by the pandemic?
  3. Make sure that you have the right product portfolio – where exactly does demand lie?
  4. Continually refine your Peak Season strategies with intelligent, real-time data.

Download the GfK Peak Season 2021 white paper to ensure you’re informed and ready to tackle this high-risk, high-reward Q4.

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