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The State of Consumer Technology & Durables Report

Find growth amid the uncertainty with trusted expert insights

Play to win in 2022

The Consumer Technology and Durables sector faces massive challenges in 2022. After huge growth last year, it now sees a marked deceleration, exacerbated by inflationary pressures and geopolitical instability. And, as Covid-19’s grip eases, new lifestyle patterns emerge.

Despite the uncertainty, there’s still growth to be found for smart brands and retailers. GfK forecasts the industry will grow by 2% and $1.4bn total sales value this year. To stake your claim, you just need to know where to look.





Market growth deceleration in 2022



Higher shipping costs in 2022



2021 Sales growth by premium brands  

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Its actionable insights and latest data can help you build winning strategies and pivot quickly as markets change.

We have identified four strategies to success:

  • Multifunctionality is a must – devices must interconnect more, add more value, and answer the needs of changing lifestyles
  • Uncertainty abounds – why your plans and budgets must adapt to everything from conflicts to constricted supply chains
  • Seizing the upgrade opportunity – when consumers buy bigger and better, make sure it’s from you
  • Owning sustainability – embedding the credentials consumers want into your products, channels, and entire brand

About the report

This free-to-download report – the latest in a bi-annual series – draws from data clients can find within gfknewron, plus expert insight from our executives and data analysts. It provides a snapshot of key macro trends in the global Consumer Technology and Durables sector in 2022 with regional breakdowns for key regions, and practical strategies to help you navigate the uncertainty and thrive.

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