State of Consumer Technology and Durables Webinar

Listen to our webinar recording to hear our experts share essential insight on the latest consumer tech trends to help you plan with confidence.

Mastering supply, demand, and consumer needs in a time of uncertainty

Steering a course to success is more demanding than ever. The pandemic has forced you to tackle the unexpected, from acceleration to transformation. Today, tech and durables companies face decreasing growth, inflation, supply issues and increasingly empowered consumers. In addition, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is impacting markets in unexpected ways, creating shockwaves around the world.

In these tumultuous times, you must take decisions and plan using the very latest intelligence. Replay our free webinar to hear our experts address your most pressing questions on markets, supply chain, consumers, and brand, including:

  • How are tech and durables sales performing – across the world, and in Russia?
    We’ll shine a spotlight on the impact of recent developments on the Russian market. As for other global markets, staying at home continued to fuel global expansion in 2021, but last year’s high growth rates are declining. Get the latest sales analysis and learn which regions and product categories are most impacted.
  • How are supply chain challenges affecting the industry?
    Shortages of chips and components are impacting product availability, presenting a significant challenge for both manufacturers and retailers. Hear what the experts have to say on how high raw material costs, inflation and rising prices have impacted demand and how this affects your planning for the key promotional weeks of 2022.
  • How are consumers shopping post-pandemic?
    The Covid-19 driven e-commerce experience has empowered consumers. As new purchasing channels and formats emerge, “smart” shoppers are highly informed, more selective and driven by new aspirations. From living healthily to embracing sustainability, our experts will help you understand and maximize these changing trends and mindsets.

We know uncertainty is guaranteed for a while. Using the latest market intelligence and expert insight, you can embrace and conquer it. Listen to our webinar where we’ll help you do just that.

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