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Drawing on insights across the globe, this podcast talks about research, innovation, and discovery that will help you understand today's consumer to prepare you for tomorrow's marketplace.
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How to address supply chain issues this holiday season

Almost every US shopper knows that holiday gifts are harder to come by this year. GfK’s Tatjana Wismeth tells how lockdowns in China and...
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Becoming a brand your consumers trust: The DTC Model

Major brands, including Apple, Mercedes, Amazon, and BMW, all use the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model to go straight to their customers for...
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How to increase your eCommerce traffic (a checklist)

In the past few years, eCommerce listings have become the main window for shoppers, making digital product content a crucial part of the...
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Deliver a fresh, compelling shopper experience in 2021

The challenges of the past year have inspired new and innovative ways for brands and retailers to connect with their customers. In this...
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How premium brands are leading economic recovery

In a post-pandemic world rocked by disruption, premium brands have proven that they can help a business not only recover from economic...
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A successful product's journey from idea to launch

80% of new products fail, yet innovation is critical to a brand's future. How do you mitigate risk and measure its success? In this...
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How data can drive smarter decisions

Data on consumer buying habits may be common these days – but too often it sits in silos. Brands and retailers may see only their own small...
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How to optimize eCommerce and boost sales

The average person's attention span is around 8 seconds. How do you make sure consumers stop scrolling long enough to buy your product? In...
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Emerging shopping trends: What to watch

From click-and-collect to cross-channel buying, eCommerce shopping has hit new levels while traditional methods have evolved. In this...
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Understand the forces shaping the future of shopping

We know COVID-19 crisis has transformed shopping – but many of those effects may be short term. To plan for tomorrow’s shopping experience,...
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Future of Retail: The Impact of Technology

The mixture of skyrocketing shopper expectations and exploding technologies is fueling a new era of innovation and transformation for...
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