Key Selling Seasons 2022:
Perfect your execution of this year’s promotional periods

Let GfK’s Weekly Market Intelligence help you maximize sales in the all-important Q4. Monitor your performance versus competitors’ campaign management and portfolio planning, so that you can react fast.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary action

Highly volatile markets, unprecedented demand, supply chain disruption and rapidly changing consumer behavior dominate the tech and durables markets the year. Past performance and actions are no guarantee of success this year’s key selling seasons. To secure your competitive advantage you must act with agility and speed. You’ll want to know your decisions are based on trusted data.


Stay on top of your competition, so you can out-market it

Knowing what to promote, to whom, at what price, on what channels and when, is going to be vital to success in your promotional periods. During these crucial weeks, consumers are exposed to an overwhelming choice of products, social media recommendations, price comparison sites and promotions. These influences can have a dramatic and rapid impact on demand, so you need to be ready to work any advantage.

GfK’s weekly sales intelligence helps you detect market shifts and competitive threats in time to react with expertly executed promotions. Easily review your own and your competitors’ sales performance week after week and track your sales KPIs to maximize your promotional ROI.

Our Weekly Sales Tracking for Promotional Periods in 2022 gives you the opportunity to experience the power of our weekly sales data in the year’s key selling seasons:

  • Get comprehensive and reliable sales performance insights on total market, sub-segment, feature, brand, best-selling modes level – online and offline for your product group(s).
  • Choose the number of weeks in this year’s promotional period you want to monitor to optimize your sales performance with weekly insights.
  • Benefit from a very competitive price and reporting package 
  • Monitor weekly sales developments anytime, anywhere. With gfknewron Market you can easily and fast access a summary of market developments, identify risks and growth opportunities, and dive into your own and competitors’ performance. Alerts allow you to react fast on market changes. Our mobile sales app GfK Performance Pulse makes sure you can also view and analyse your weekly intelligence when you are on-the-go. (Subject to availability.)


Weekly Sales Tracking for Promotional Periods 2022: next-level promotional effectiveness

Planning and optimizing promotions | GfK
Capitalize on opportunities in volatile times

Keep updated with fluctuating consumer demand to successfully manage your supply chain during the season. Take decisions fast and with confidence based on the latest, most relevant sales intelligence.
Planning and optimizing promotions | GfK
Know where consumers shop to react to channel moves

Understand how sales channels are performing and how promotional activity is driving changes in demand. Weekly reporting will give you the competitive edge to react in time and with the right decisions.
Planning and optimizing promotions | GfK
Adjust your market spend based on revenue drivers

Monitor your sales performance effectively week after week. See if your sales uplift outweighs promotional investments so you can ramp up activities that drive sales and scale back those that don’t.
Planning and optimizing promotions | GfK
Stay ahead as the battle to win market share heats up

Spot if your market share is falling behind as it happens then immediately adjust your tactics to protect and grow your market share.

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