GfK E-Bike Monitor 2022

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The GfK Sprint E-bike Study 2022 is now available!

After four successful editions in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, we launched our fifth consumer study in December 2022. As in previous years, the study was held in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium and Germany. We also added two new countries this year; France and Italy. This allows us, in addition to updating market information and showing trends in consumer behavior, to compare the top five e-bike countries in Europe. 
Rapidly changing market requires a new mindset

The bicycle market is evolving rapidly. Demand for e-bikes is still high. Distribution channels are developing and omnichannel is becoming increasingly important. There are also interesting developments in the target market. Commuting is becoming an increasingly important target group, especially after the COVID-19 period. In this rapidly changing market, it is even more important to have an indept look at the effects on purchase behavior and target group, after Covid-19.  

What impact on consumer behavior can we expect after COVID-19? The E-bike Sprint research answers that question and shows where the biggest opportunities lie so that you as a manufacturer or retailer, can take maximum advantage of this fast-growing market. The E-bike Sprint research provides the following insights:

  • Which different target groups buy e-bikes and what are the trends in this? 
  • Which important factors play a role in the buying process? 
  • What is the share of online and offline stores? 
  • The customer journey: which actions, information and retail channels are involved in the purchase process? 
  • How do people view the different brands? 
  • What is the customer experience and loyalty to the different brands? 
  • What is the potential of bicycle leasing and what are the drivers and barriers? 

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