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Grocery shopping trends in Sweden during and after COVID-19

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What do consumers shop and where?
How do shoppers value different grocery retailers in Sweden?

The FMCG market has seen some substantial changes over the last one and a half years, with COVID-19 accelerating a new dynamic in what consumers buy and where they buy it.

Now the question is whether these changes will last after the pandemic. Growth is already showing signs of slowing, but what will happen next? Will the behavioral change also affect the competitive landscape when consumers go back to the stores?

We invite you to view the webinar recording on demand to learn more about shopping trends and attitudes in Sweden, during and after COVID-19. Also, we've launched the GfK Swedish Grocery Retailer Award - watch out for the winner announcement 2021. 


  • Market trends: Are we returning to pre-covid shopping behaviour?
  • Changes in the competitive landscape
  • The shoppers´ retailer evaluation: How are the different retailers perceived?
  • GfK Swedish Grocery Retailer Award: who is the 2021 winner?






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