Free GfK compendium: Purchasing power for retail product lines, Germany 2023

How is purchasing power distributed for the various product lines in brick-and-mortar and online retail? Find out in our free compendium with more than 30 illustrative maps.

Where is purchasing power for your product line the highest?

The spending potential for the various product lines varies considerably depending on the region. Download our free compendium with more than 30 illustrative maps and find out how purchasing power for the 17 product lines is distributed regionally in  German brick-and-mortar and online retail.
The GfK Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines dataset reveals the regional purchasing power potential for many individual product lines:
  • 01 food and related items
  • 02 health and hygiene products
  • 03 clothing
  • 04 shoes, leather goods
  • 05 furnishings
  • 06 household products, glass, porcelain
  • 07 electrical household appliances
  • 08 consumer electronics, electronic media
  • 09 information technology
  • 10 telecommunications
  • 11 photo, optics
  • 12 watches, jewelry
  • 13 books, stationery
  • 14 toys, hobbies
  • 15 sporting goods
  • 16 home improvement items
  • 17 infant and children's items

Knowing about the regional distribution of spending potential for your product line allows you to tailor your sales and marketing endeavors according to the consumer preferences of particular regions. The resulting insights give you a decisive competitive advantage for all location-related decisions. Whether planning or evaluating locations, optimizing your direct marketing or managing your sales, GfK Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines comprises a value basis for your decisions.

Download the free compendium: