If you know
how the new abnormal
has changed marketing,
you can change
your game.

If you know
how the new normal has changed marketing, you can change your game.

How to deal with changing budgets, priorities and KPIs in
today’s uncertain world.

The recovery continues to affect markets all over the world, making branding and marketing ever more complex.

Marketing leaders are contending with shifting KPIs, shrinking budgets and, in some cases, a recalibration of entire marketing funnels. For some, driving short-term sales has become an urgent priority — due to greater pressure to prove ROI and attrition. For others, KPIs have shifted to longer-term goals such as digital transformation — and perhaps part of that — gaining a fuller view of the customer journey. Meanwhile, a majority of marketers need to contend with shrinking budgets - making targeted engagement even more imperative.

That’s why GfK partnered with Campaign Asia to conduct the survey, Branding and Marketing in the New Abnormal, to gain a better understanding of the shifting marketing priorities and budgets, and to allow marketers to benchmark themselves against their fellow colleagues.

The survey primarily focused around four areas:

  • What are marketers’ priorities?
  • How is marketing effectiveness being measured?
  • How has budgets shifted during COVID-19?
  • How has the pandemic changed the way marketers engage with consumers?

Having a holistic framework and approach to maximizing marketing ROI and brand measurement has become even more critical than ever in the post-pandemic environment.

Are you ready to revolutionize how marketing effectiveness and brand value can be measured for your organization? Are you ready to change your game?

Preview selected sections of the survey report

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It's time for brands and marketers to successfully embrace the new abnormal. Our experts explain how.

  • Rebuilding brands in the
    new abnormal

    As economies reopen around the world, consumers are now slowly beginning to loosen their purse strings,
    what are the key priorities for marketers in Asia Pacific in today‘s new abnormal times?
    Learn more
  • Rethinking marketing KPIs
    in the new abnormal

    With the challenges and rapid changes taking place during the pandemic, how can brands and marketers navigate shifting priorities and ensure business continuity in a post-COVID environment?
    Learn more
  • Finding the thin line between overspend and underspend

    The pandemic is causing permanent shifts in consumer behavior in the way they think, behave, shop and purchase. Given these trying times, what can brands do to stay top of mind with consumers?
    Learn more
  • 5 tips to measure brand performance in the new abnormal

    If you know what drives the value of your brand, you can drive it further. Our expert shares how you can drive long-term equity for your brand and gain greater visibility of the consumer purchase journey.
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  • 5 reasons why a Marketing Mix Model may be more relevant right now for brand success

    If you know the future impact of your marketing mix, you can have greater impact using less. Our expert shares how Marketing Mix Modelling can help optimize ROI and contribute to overall brand success.
    Learn more
  • 5 tips to optimize your advertising ROI

    If you know the viewing habits of consumers, you can achieve higher ROI through advertising. Our expert shares how brand marketers can achieve higher ROI through advertising. 
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    A glimpse into the state of brand marketers across Asia

    • COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK
    • COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK
    • COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK

      Survey findings revealed 43% of brands and marketers across Asia still finding ways to measure and optimize business. It also portrays a clear gap between their business goals and the tools they leverage to achieve them. Download the full infographic to discover more!

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      The survey findings portray a clear gap between their business goals and the tools they leverage to achieve them. In a post-pandemic environment, it is vital for brands to quickly realign objectives, measure effectiveness and lead through digital transformation.

      Karthik Venkatakrishnan
      Regional Leader, Marketing and Consumer Intelligence, GfK Asia

      Access recent webinar recordings and discover actionable insights on what lies ahead for brand marketers

      COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK

      Branding and Marketing in the New Abnormal

      Preview the findings from the GfK-Campaign Asia Survey Branding and Marketing in The New Abnormal which benchmarks marketing executives’ priorities from a wide range of industries across Asia-Pacific.

      COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK

      Reshaping the way we live and do business

      Catch the webinar for the latest insights on health and well-being trends; know different consumer types, how they deal with healthy lifestyle topics and how this is reflected in their behavior.
      COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK

      Maximizing marketing investments in uncertain times

      Gain unique insights on how GfK experts have helped marketers to optimize media and promotional spend, especially during times such as the current pandemic. Our expert shares a case study. 
      COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK
      Navigate shifting priorities in the new abnormal

      Branding and Marketing in the COVID-19 era has increased in complexity. Hear what the experts have to say about the new abnormal and what keeps them awake at night being a marketer. 
      COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK
      Rethinking brand purpose: lessons from the crisis for the future

      The global pandemic has reshaped the way consumers live, work and play. Join GfK, Campaign Asia and regional brand marketers for a discussion on how to rethink brand purpose.
      COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK
      Building an irresistible brand in the era of digital transformation

      GfK's Consumer Insights Engine enables sales, marketing, and product leaders to regularly monitor consumers' changing habits, to help businesses answer key questions and adapt strategies.

          Navigating the road to recovery

      "GfK's study highlights the importance of utilizing marketing mix modelling to better understand consumers’ cross channel marketing effectiveness."
      Bryan Wang
      Director, Marketing Science, Greater China, Facebook

      From the whitepaper Capitalizing on the global smartphone sales recovery,  discover how GfK's integrated insights can help smartphone brands maximize their marketing and drive brand impact in post COVID times. 

      Download whitepaper

      COVID-19 Impact On Marketing & KPIs In Asia - Study Report | GfK

      How GfK can help your brand and business to succeed?

      We have solutions to help you measure, transform and optimize your marketing ROI in the new abnormal.

      • Optimize your media and
        promotional spend

        GfK‘s Marketing Mix Modeling optimize brands‘ marketing activities and media mix by evaluating the impact of individual campaigns and specific marketing tactics on actual sales.
        Learn more
      • Diagnosing your digital ads to increase ROI

        GfK’s Ad Fit Optimizer seeks to accelerate and optimize your digital ad spend and overall campaign ROI by assessing the performance of your ads prior to campaign launch.
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      • Develop successful brand strategies to build an irresistible brand

        GfK Brand Architect gives you the blueprint for success in today’s environment and beyond with insights to drive change, add value, and act on what really matters.
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      • Quantify your brand input to activate growth

        GfK’s Brand Performance Monitor is the industry’s only solution that integrates brand insights from various data sources to help you make informed decisions about your brand.
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        Are you ready to revolutionize marketing ROI and brand value for your organization?