GfK Shopper Insight

GfK Shopper Insights

Get into the mind of today’s shopper

GfK’s Shopper Insights combines attitudinal and behavioral data to demystify today’s increasingly complex shopper. We link ‘why’ shop with ‘what’ was bought and ‘how’ it was purchased. We use a fully integrated approach, bringing together all the survey data gained from GfK’s Consumer Panel with data from our tracking tools, POS panels and advanced analytics to provide a sophisticated profile of your customer.

GfK’s Shopper Insights solution suite addresses your key business questions:

  • Target Group Management: Understand relevant buyers and target groups and evaluate your potential success at reaching and engaging them
  • Shopper Experience: Decode shopper interaction to identify which triggers you are most likely to activate along the route
  • Communication: Create the right communications to reach your target consumers. Evaluate its success at driving sales
  • Shelf Optimization: Analyze what’s happening at shelf-level to support category management strategy. Identify and maximize levers for growth
  • Promotion Management: Assess and improve your promotional strategy and tactics
  • Innovation Management: Identify relevant trends, drivers and barriers to the success of planned innovations and estimate sales potential

By connecting shoppers behavior with their attitudes and opinions, we can offer custom research tailored specifically to help you tackle your individual business challenges. Based on GfK’s Consumer Panel, this approach is:  

  • Customized: Offering open and closed questions
  • Flexible: Questionnaires of any length
  • Fast: available at short notice
  • Representative: Fielded to sub-samples, even with small incidences

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