Webinar on demand: The new health check that could save a brand’s life

Hear what it is, what it does, and how it can help you to profitable growth

However strong, dynamic and healthy a brand looks today, just one decision could diminish its vitality.

It could be a decision you make - or one that’s forced upon you by outside circumstances. (Had any of those over the past two years?)

So how to have confidence in your decision-making and in your ability to plan for profitable growth, no matter what comes along? The answer could be a new brand health check that promises to examine and measure the strength of a brand’s consumer connection and precisely what drives its health and performance.

Join our GfK experts in collaboration with Campaign Magazine UK as they reveal the potency of “Brand Architect” - how it’s different to what’s gone before, why it’s more valuable and how it can give a brand its best opportunity to thrive.

Among other things, they’ll talk through the opportunities in and ramifications of:

  • When you misunderstand what consumers think of you
  • When premiumisation can work
  • Why focussing on volume can be a mistake
  • How to define which levers a brand should pull
  • How to determine what are real priorities
  • …and they’ll show how Brand Architect gives richer insights every time.
  • Plus, they’ll share examples of brands, such as Gordons gin, Malfi gin, Sony, and LG in the Italian TV market which have all gone through the process and come out with a fresh new blueprint for healthy growth.

Consumer Confidence is at an all-time low. Watch this webinar on demand to hear about what your brand needs to be thinking about to navigate the turmoil.

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