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Beware of Ads and/or letters offering Quick Returns for Cashing a Check

GfK Custom Research and its GfK Mystery Shopping division rarely, if ever, conduct mystery shops involving check cashing or money transfers. We never ask shoppers, consumers or survey respondents to send us money.

A new twist on this scam is shoppers are being contacted by GfK “HR Representatives” via email and provided with a GfK Agreement and Q&A Document. Once the documents are signed the first check cashing or money transfer assignment is provided.
An additional warning sign that the ad or letter may be the work of a scam artist is the inclusion of incorrect or false company contact information, including our name, address, phone number or other details. Please note: representatives of GfK only send emails from or other trusted partner domains. Emails from ISPs such as gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo should be questioned.

If you’re unsure if the ad or correspondence is actually from GfK, DO NOT attempt to cash the check or respond to the email with the requested information. Instead, call 212-240-5402 or email us at immediately.

GfK is working with the MSPA (Mystery Shopper Providers Association) as well as the appropriate local, state and Federal authorities to crack down on all individuals involved in perpetrating these schemes.
For more information about these scams, including how to protect yourself and the steps to take if you’ve been victimized, please follow this link.

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