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In Q4 2015, Turkey’s Technical Consumer Goods market grew by 11.0%


Results for GfK TEMAX® Turkey for the fourth quarter of 2015

In Q4 2015, the Turkish Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) market grew by 11.0%, compared with Q4 2014, and the overall market amounted to TRY11.2 billion. The Telecommunications (TC), Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) and Office Equipment and Consumables (OE) sectors grew fastest, in terms of value.


Telecommunications: continued to grow

The Turkish TC sector developed well in 2015 with sales volume of TL17 billion, and growth of 25%, with the smartphones segment reporting growth of 27%, compared to the whole of 2014. In the last quarter of 2015, growth close to the rest of the year was registered. The total sector reached a turnover of TL4,7 billion, with growth of 21%, compared to Q4 2014.


Information Technology: 2015 – a challenging year

Increasing exchange rates, uncertainties in the market, the impact of elections, and developments in the global arena affected the buying behavior of Turkish consumers. Growth in the mediatablets segment started to fall as the market became saturated. The average sales prices of mediatablets continued to decrease without any consolidation among manufacturers.

In the whole of 2015, the Information Technology (IT) sector declined by 2.0% in value compared to 2014. End-of-year campaigns positively influenced the trend, but the sales level remained below that of the previous year. In Q4 2015, the sector declined by 1.9% compared to Q4 2014.

Comparing the last quarters of 2014 and 2015, mediatablets declined by 21.4% in value. As a result, the whole year’s growth was -11.6%.

In 2015, the falls in the mobile computing segment stoped –sales value increased by 1.3%. When Q4 2015 is compared with the same period in 2014, sales value grew by 7.7%. This was possibly due to the effects of increasing exchange rates, and inflation.


Office Equipment and Consumables: unit-based decline continued

In Q4 2015, the OE sector experienced a growth by 10.8% in value, compared with the last quarter of 2014. Comparing the full year of 2014 with that of 2015, value-based growth was equaled to 2,9%.


Major Domestic Appliances: stability in the last quarter

In the last quarter of 2015, sales in the Major Domestic Appliances (MDA) sector reached TL2.3 billion, with a growth rate of 8.3%, compared to Q4 2014. For the whole of 2015, sales amounted to TL9.2 billion – a rise of 15,2%, compared to 2014.

All four MDA product groups achieved double-digit growth rates in the whole of 2015 (compared to 2014), with washingmachines reporting the highest growth (up by 16%). Cookers were close behind with a rise of 16%. In Q4 2015, coolers, cookers and washingmachines grew positively, but dishwashers registered falls, compared to Q4 2014.

Built-in/under ovens performed well and displayed double-digit growth in the cooking equipment category. In the whole of 2015, this affected the growth in the product group positively, compared to 2014. With regard to washing machines, the large-capacity products (8kg, 9kg and 10kg) reported increases and drove the market – the 9kg version contributed the most in this segment. In the refrigerators category, the largest contribution came from the two-door, no frost, and bottom freezer products. Four-program products drove the dishwashers segment. High-energy products gained market share in each category.


Small Domestic Appliances: sector growth trend continued to shrink in unit terms, with slow growth in value

In Q4 2015, the Turkish SDA sector grew by 11,2% in value, compared to the same quarter of 2014, and recorded a market value of TL1 billion. In the last quarter of 2015, the vacuum cleaners and irons segments – the main products groups in the sector – fell in terms of units and this affected growth in the sector. Both the shift to high-end products and price increases (due to new tax regulation) led to a two-digit growth rate in terms of value.

In Q4 2015, hot beverage makers, shavers, sandwich makers and toasters grew – both in unit and in value. The best performances came from the vacuum cleaners, shavers, bread makers, hot beverage makers, food preparation equipment and juicers/presses.

With the rising tendency for multi-functional, high-tech gadgets, the demand for products – including cyclonic vacuum cleaners, ironing systems, intense pulsed light (IPL) equipment, and espresso machines – increased.


Consumer Electronics: negative signs for growth

The growth rate in Turkey’s Consumer Electronics (CE) sector slowed in the last quarter of 2015 and registered an increase of 2,3%, and turnover of TL1.6 billion, compared with Q4 2014. The sector closed 2015 at TL5.5 billion, which represented an increase in sales of 5%, compared to the whole of 2014. Action cameras (up by 50%) and TVs were the only product groups that registered positive results in the sector. Other product groups continued to show double-digit falls in sales.


Photography: a lower level of decline

In Q4 2015, the Photography (PH) sector closed with a decline of 22%, compared to Q4 2014, with turnover of TL33 million.

Considering the 38% shrinkage that occurred in the whole of 2015, a decreasing level of decline could indicate lower turnover losses in the future, and the start of a stable market.


The Survey

GfK TEMAX® is an index developed by GfK to track the technical consumer goods markets. The findings are based on surveys carried out on a regular basis by the retail panel of GfK. The retail panel comprises data from over 425,000 retail outlets worldwide. Since February 2009, GfK has also been compiling the GfK TEMAX® index at international level in more than 30 countries. It is the first index that includes all of the markets for technical consumer goods in different countries. All reports and press releases are available at www.gfktemax.com.

If information from this press release or www.gfktemax.com is cited, GfK TEMAX® should be explicitly indicated as the source.

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