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Capitalize on seismic shifts in the tech landscape and consumer behavior

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During the coronavirus pandemic, home has become our new HQ. To adapt to lockdown life, consumers have invested in new technology, from working and studying, to cooking, exercising, and entertaining. Sales of new technologies like smart appliances have soared, while some consumers have used their existing devices in new ways for the first time. Manufacturers and retailers need to catch up with this behavior, evaluate what it means for their business, and adapt to keep pace with the new reality.

In this on-demand webinar, our consumer and market intelligence experts Petra Süptitz and Norbert Herzog present the latest findings on the tech and durables markets based on GfK’s Sales Tracking intelligence and Consumer Life study. They share global sales performance and deep dive into the most important consumer trends in Europe, a region which has proved particularly dynamic during the crisis. This webinar covers:

Today’s markets: Global developments in tech and durables

Our experts reveal the latest data to evaluate how regions and markets closed in 2020, and examine early performance indicators for 2021 amid the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns. We analyze the winning and losing sectors and focus in on the all-important channel dynamics.

Tomorrow’s opportunities: Europe and the rise of home

In Europe, the pandemic has been a catalyst for reimagining the home as the hub for working and studying – as well as everything else. Digital entertainment has reached new heights with the growth of streaming, social gaming, and social media shopping. Europeans have focused on all-things health and have been quick to adopt home fitness. Simultaneously, concerns about sustainability have deepened. Our experts review the opportunities and discuss the implications.

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