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Decoding shortages, high demand and rising prices

Take time out to make sense of soaring sales and supply shockwaves

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Q1 in 2021 saw strong sales performance with very high growth rates across all Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) categories. But how much of this is under threat from product shortages and rising prices?

In this webinar on 30th June 2021, we use insights from our world-leading distribution and point-of-sales panels to make sense of today’s sales dynamics and the challenges all players face in the TCG market. Based on facts, not speculation, this webinar covers two major topics:

Booming demand: Putting today’s performance into perspective

We’ll share the latest data from our Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking, analyzing sales in tech and durables markets by region and category, and review the current recovery trajectory. Our discussion of the continued impact of coronavirus will help you put Q1 2021’s sales and price evolution into much-needed perspective by comparing with pre-pandemic results from 2019. Finally, we ask, how are online and offline sales channels developing and what does this mean longer term?

Limited supply: how shortages impact growth

Today’s shortages are sending shockwaves through the TCG supply chain, and players are unsure about what is scarce, and what is stockpiling. We’ll gauge just how serious a threat the current production and logistics challenges are to meeting today’s high consumer demand. How are product shortages limiting consumers’ choices and inflating prices? By comparing our sales tracking and supply chain intelligence we decode the complex relationship between strong demand, supply and distribution constraints, and high prices.

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