If you know
what consumers are
buying now,
you can plan for the busy
weeks ahead.

Analyzing the drivers and shapers of tech and durables markets

2020 has been a whirlwind for anyone working in the tech and durables markets. We know our clients have many questions: how is the industry performing, which segments have won, and which have lost, what’s driving demand, and what’s the outlook for the sector?

To find the answer to these questions and more, listen to the webinar to hear our experts Tatjana Wismeth and Norbert Herzog share the latest insights drawn from our distribution and point of sales intelligence on:

  • Disruption: Tech and durables market performance in H1 2020 and the recent recovery phase
  • Acceleration: Winners and losers as trends are propelled forward, from ecommerce to product development
  • New business reality: Supply chain and sales indicators for the crucial promotional period ahead

This comprehensive insight into what’s happening now and next right across the market you work in is available now on demand.

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