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Know what happens next to emerge from the crisis stronger

Market trends are changing fast. You can adjust faster. Get the latest insights and sales trends to accelerate your 2021 growth.

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The insights to plan for what happens next.

Understand accelerated disruption and new shopping habits to plan ahead and win in 2021.

Take a look at how new shopping habits impacted Black Friday sales, as well as look ahead at what to expect in 2021. Hear from our expert, Norbert Herzog, as he shares the latest insights on: 


  • Ongoing radical disruption in 2020: How need-fueled commerce and the reality of spending more time at home is changing what people buy and how they buy it
  • Acceleration of online shopping trends: How online retailers and click-and-mortar players are winning and why building out the online and omnichannel experience will be key in 2021
  • A first look at Black Friday performance: Understand sales performance and hot selling products this year, as well as the premiumization trend and how Black Friday is changing in emerging vs. developed countries.

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Insights driven by the world's leading intelligence

The insights in this webinar bring together the most up-to-date insights from GfK's weekly Market Intelligence, which uses point of sales data to show you who bought what, where, at what price and on which channels each week with insights from gfknewron, our AI-powered intelligence and recommendation platform. 

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