Talking Tech:
Balancing sustainability
and purpose with performance

How are consumer concerns about the environment impacting purchasing patterns?

On-demand webinar

The consumer demand for greater sustainability has gathered momentum during the pandemic, and today shoppers place a higher value on sustainable products and those with a purpose. This trend is no longer confined to FMCG, retailers and manufacturers in the tech and durables markets must act to address the apparent contradiction between consumers’ need for sustainable products while also wanting better performing products.

In this on-demand webinar, we use insights from our world-leading consumer research and point-of-sales panels to discuss how sustainability is impacting the tech and durables industry and what consumers expect today. Rooted in data and sector expertise, this webinar is in two parts:

Market snapshot: The trends by category and geography

We’ll share the latest data from our Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking, analyzing sales in tech and durables markets by region and category, and reviewing the current recovery trajectory. We’ll discuss how coronavirus is continuing to impact product performance and identify the trends that are driving the sector.

Sustainability: A new chapter of purpose-driven selling

Our experts will discuss how consumer attitudes towards sustainability have evolved, which consumer groups are most sensitive to it, and its impact on key product groups and ultimately on purchase behavior. We’ll look at what buyers expect from retailers and brands, so you know how to reconcile the desire for greater sustainability and purpose with the constant hunger for better product performance. You’ll learn about opportunities along the entire tech product value chain, from design and messaging to production and use of the end-product.

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