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Success story
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Understanding how digital technology is transforming TV-viewing behavior


We helped an IT vendor explore how it could work with service providers to capture consumer TV opportunities.


Our client wanted to understand how technologies such as on-demand video, online video and connected devices are changing the ways in which people watch TV. The company also wished to evaluate the usability of a prototype television-based consumer product.


The project had two phases:

  • an ethnographic market study in the UK and Canada
  • usability testing with five participants in each market.

Participants explored the prototype and worked through a set of navigation exercises and usability tests, while providing feedback on the experience. Following the testing, all participants attended a focus group where we assessed their understanding of the concept.

We also looked at the advantages and disadvantages of the interface, as well as the benefits of the concept and likely adoption.


The project:

  • identified usability issues and challenged assumptions about which elements of the prototype to prioritize for development
  • enabled the company to effectively consult with customers, adding value and strengthening partnership relationships
  • educated stakeholders in the firm about consumers’ needs and behaviors in the home entertainment market

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