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Success story
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Sharpening a technology giant’s edge in global ecommerce


We help Acer optimize and enhance its product data and get a consistent message out fast to 56 markets in 27 languages.


Acer was managing a wealth of product data of varying quality and in a range of languages and formats. Because the content came from so many different sources, it was difficult to compile and standardize it for the purpose of sharing it with retailers. Acer’s ecommerce platform depended heavily on manual intervention in building and uploading content. Updating the company’s own websites and those of its key channel partners was a laborious process that slowed down its time to market with new content.


We normalized and standardized Acer’s global product data and helped it create a consistent, search-optimized data taxonomy it could use across the world. We continue to support the company in translating its product data into local languages and nomenclature for 56 markets and 27 languages. This provides our client with efficiencies in aggregating, managing and formatting product content.


Acer now has consistent, structured and high-quality content for each market and language that is optimized for search and parametric filtering. This helps ensure the company can quickly get to market with timely content that drives online product engagement and sales.

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