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Research improves digital campaigns


GfK’s innovative research approach and its understanding of the industry and Nokia's specific business challenges were critical to deriving concrete and decision-ready recommendations for optimization of its digital communication strategy.

Now owned by Microsoft, Nokia is one of the top five handset vendors in Russia and dominates the Russian market for Windows-based smartphones.


With the launch of its flagship Lumia range, Nokia in Russia was eager to position itself as a leader in digital marketing. The company wanted to measure the impact of exposure to online product information on consumers’ purchasing decisions, including their choice of smartphone brand.


We used our metering technology to track and capture every step of the purchase journey – from the moment consumers encountered Nokia’s product information online to when they made the purchase. We explored digital and offline touchpoint interactions through on-site surveys, which included weekly diaries.

We also captured insights about Nokia’s digital advertising campaign by measuring consumers’ natural exposure to the campaign, as well as the impact of ad exposure on brand consideration and purchase.


We found that consumers gave strong consideration to Nokia during the planning and research stages of a smartphone purchase. But at the purchase stage, many consumers bought a competitive smartphone instead.

This suggested that the campaigns were not effectively communicating Lumia’s benefits. Nokia responded by refocusing its digital advertising channels and updating online product information to more clearly convey Lumia’s innovative features.

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