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Optimizing strategic planning in a complex economic climate


Optimizing strategic planning in a complex economic climate

Our forecasting solutions gives a retailer insight into the growth it can expect across 96 product groups for two financial years.


Our client needed an external forecast service to help it improve its strategic planning across a wide range of product groups. It required precise data for a large and diverse portfolio, including information technology and telecoms products, small and large domestic appliances, healthcare products, photography products, and office equipment and stationery.


We used our forecasting solution and insights from our point of sales tracking data to forecast sales across 96 product groups that our client carried in its portfolio. Our predictive statistical model made accurate, top-line projections, covering the maturity of each category as well as seasonal factors. 

Unlike traditional pure data providers, we didn’t base our projections on shipments to the channel, but used retail sell-through data. We also took the expectations of local country managers into account to create our forecasts.


Our forecasts gave the retailer a clear picture of the growth it could expect by category and product level. This enabled our client to set growth targets and revenue benchmarks over a specific two-year period. It also helped the company focus on products and categories that promised the best outcomes for the business. Our client used our forecasts for objective guidance of its strategic planning in the medium and long term, including budget planning.

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