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Success story
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Optimizing sales with geomarketing


The GfK insights help our clients' sales representatives to focus on the most valuable retail partners.

The client is a leading optics manufacturer in Germany.


Our client was experiencing declining growth rates. To optimize sales in its competitive marketplace, it needed to determine which of its retail partners could potentially improve their performance.


Based on geomarketing and point of sale tracking insights, we calculated a region-specific benchmark of market potential. This enabled us to identify promising growth locations for our client.

We also classified the company’s existing retail locations by location type and turnover potential.


Our recommendations gave our client a clear picture of which regions were performing well and which were underperforming. This enabled it to set realistic turnover and growth targets for each territory.

It helped the optics manufacturer to focus its marketing activities on promising retailers to maximize its ROI. Our insights also gave the company objective guidance around how it could reorganize its sales structure to reduce costs.

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