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Success story
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Increasing fashion sales to 25-to-35-year-old women


We helped this fashion retailer identify the most important tactics to attract a key customer base to its digital and real-world stores.

Our client is an international fashion retailer active in the Benelux, Germany, France and other countries.


Facing declining sales of women’s clothes, this fashion retailer was searching for the best strategy to attract female shoppers aged 25 to 35 years to its stores. It needed to understand the factors that drive sales to this target market.


We worked with the client to determine which sales drivers we should include in our research. We identified these drivers from sources such as:

  • GfK Consumer Panel data: promotion percentage and performance per article group
  • our consumer evaluation reports: shop and staff evaluation
  • client data sources: media spend

Recognizing that these factors work simultaneously to influence brand performance, we created a model that would allow us to isolate them from each other and map the exact contribution of each to the brand’s performance.


Our insights helped the fashion retailer identify the most important tactics it could use to attract 25-to-35-year-old women to its online and physical stores, resulting in a sales increase. We pinpointed the controllable and non-controllable factors in attracting the target audience for the client.

The company was satisfied that its existing media strategy addressed the controllable issues in the market and that it could continue to follow the same approach in the future.

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