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Success story
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How Facebook advertising works with traditional media


GfK was able to combine robust quantitative research with cookie-tracking methodology. This allowed the client to gauge exposure to Facebook advertising more realistically than it could with claimed recall.

Founded in 2004, and with over 860 million people using the social networking site every day, Facebook has grown into a major above-the-line advertising medium.

Facebook’s client, Mercedes-Benz, was launching its new GLA model in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France.
To ensure the success of the campaign, Facebook and its client needed to determine:

  • which media, used together with Facebook, provide the best combined results
  • which KPIs would be most affected by Facebook advertising
  • what role frequency plays in multimedia campaigns that include the social channel


  • We used our cookie and tag sampling solution – GfK Exposure Effects – to track which consumers were exposed to which advertisements, and how frequently
  • Opportunity To See analytics allowed us to establish who was exposed to offline media, irrespective of whether they recalled seeing the advertisements
  • The data put us in a strong position to investigate the effect of Facebook as an above-the-line (ATL) advertising medium


  • Facebook could, for the first time, talk to Mercedes-Benz about the synergistic effects of using the channel in conjunction with offline media
  • Mercedes-Benz benefited from insights to guide future campaign planning
  • Facebook could help Mercedes-Benz optimize its media strategy and scheduling for each market, positioning Facebook as an expert in multimedia ATL advertising.

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