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Success story

Giving a technology company a window on the global retail landscape


Giving a technology company a window on the global retail landscape

Our shelf analysis and print advertising monitoring services help one of the world’s largest technology companies understand the latest retail trends affecting its key hardware categories.


Our client’s product range includes smartphones, wearables, media streaming boxes, tablet computers and notebooks. The company wanted insight into the retail pricing and the attributes of its products and those of its competitors on store shelves in key territories around the world.


We provided the company with subscription-based retail shelf analysis and print monitoring services covering its five major hardware product categories in Brazil, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US. Since then, the shelf analysis has been giving our client accurate and up-to-date product, pricing and promotions data across the retail sector in these countries. Our auditing experts capture this information through our mobile app, producing a comprehensive view of constantly changing in-store activities.

We also supply the technology firm with up-to-date retailer print advertising information, providing a tactical view of the influences in each market. We monitor the printed advertisements carried in leading print media: flyers, catalogs, newspapers, weeklies, monthlies and more. Our client has built a custom portal where it displays our syndicated data to its sales teams. In addition to weekly reports containing the latest market information, we also give it access to historical data.


Our client now has accurate and timely information it can use to better understand its competitive landscape as well as how pricing, product attributes and promotions are shaping its key markets.

Following the successful use of our service in five of its target territories, the company plans to roll it out in most of its major markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It has also extended its relationship with us to include retail shelf analysis and print monitoring across a range of additional products.

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