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Gaining foresight into the needs of diabetes patients


Combining digital observation with traditional surveys, we reveal the purchase journey for people with this common medical condition.

We conducted this study to offer pharmaceutical and healthcare companies a fresh understanding of the diabetes patient experiences when searching for medical information.


Most companies that provide treatment and support for diabetes use customer survey data
for market intelligence. As with most research that relies on people to recall information
from days or weeks in the past, there are reliability and validity concerns with these studies.


Our diabetes market experience research blended digital observation with traditional surveys to better understand diabetes patients’ buying, navigation and search behavior.

We monitored respondents’ web use with our proprietary tracking software and collected data about URLs they visited. We asked participants to record their online and offline experiences in a diary and do research on blood glucose meters and weight management.

We combined online tracking (comprising 426,000 URLs and searches) and survey data
with further in-house sources to get a more complete picture of the patient’s journey. These
included our Roper Diabetes Survey (a “day in the life” study of 2,200 diagnosed patients)
and customer/sociographic profiles of our patient panel members.


The study delivered an extensive understanding of diabetes patients’ digital journey, from where they go for health information to how they make purchasing decisions for glucose meters. The results can help marketers in this category unlock digital experiences that meet their customers’ needs. It can help brands drive better results from their media planning and buying, content and messaging strategy, in addition to optimization of digital assets for diabetes patients.

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