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Success story
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Focusing outside sales efforts on the most promising customers


We delivered insights on regional target group distribution to help a client optimize its sales force.

The client is a home appliance manufacturer in Germany.

Our client wanted to optimize its sales operations by focusing its sales and marketing efforts on especially promising end customers. It wished to accomplish this while reducing the frequency and increasing the efficiency of its outside sales force’s customer visits.

We developed a geostatistical model for our client to analyze its customer database. Our model reveals the regional distribution of the purchase probability of new customers on the basis of the socio-demographic profile of the target group.
We also rated the regional likelihood of a customer enquiry, enabling the company to predict its outside sales force’s rate of converting queries into sales.

Our client can quickly determine the level of interest in its products and the probability of purchase for every street segment in Germany. This enables the manufacturer to focus outside sales force visits on especially favorable regions.

Its return on investment from marketing efforts has increased because it can optimize advertising campaigns by regional target group potential.

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