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Empowering a global retailer to grow its online product assortment


Empowering a global retailer to grow its online product assortment

We help one of the world’s largest retailers improve its online shopping experience, increase sales and compete more effectively with digital rivals.


The client wants to offer consumers the widest assortment of top-selling products available online to compete effectively with digital native rivals, increase market share and grow revenues. The retailer sought to ensure its product content is of the highest quality to support consumers’ needs as they research and purchase items online. To achieve its goal, it needed to add millions of new stock keeping units (SKUs) to its ecommerce product selection in a short time. The company provides its own platform to import product data from brands and distributors, but the collection of content was moving too slowly to meet their requirements. The client also had content gaps and data quality issues in its online product catalog, which meant it could not grow its product assortment at the speed and quality necessary to effectively meet the demands of its customers.


The retailer subscribed to our catalog of product data, which includes millions of fully attributed products. The company also asked us to help it boost the assortment in select product lines where it saw scope for strong growth. In addition, we developed an automated data feed that connects with the company’s systems so it no longer needs to manually import data from brands and distributors.


The client now receives high-quality, search-optimized product content spanning over 10,000 brands. Our catalog helped the retailer grow its product assortment by hundreds of thousands of items in a matter of weeks, while standardizing the format of its merchandise data. It also positioned its ecommerce division to speed up its time to market with content to support new product launches or expansion into new categories. The product content has enabled the company to expand fulfilment partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors. Consumers now benefit from one of the widest product selections online, with access to accurate information in an accessible format.

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