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Digital insights for contact lens market growth


Digital insights for contact lens market growth

We helped Alcon optimize its digital communications strategies so that it could strengthen its position in a growing market for contact lenses.

Alcon is a global medical company specializing in eye care products


  • Alcon is a challenger brand in the competitive, fast-growing Russian contact lens market.
  • To grow its share it needed actionable data about the customer decision journey.
  • With digital marketing channels becoming more important than ever, it also wanted to optimize its digital targeting and communications.


  • We ran in an integrated research project using four different studies of online consumer behavior and attitudes, and competitor presence.
  • Our social media intelligence enabled us to analyze the buzz, sentiments and themes relating to Alcon an its competitors 
  • We also analyzed the content that users generated across social media, and the information gathered from forums, blogs, review sites and more.


  • Our study pointed out opportunities for Alcon to improve its digital marketing strategy and execution.
  • We identified the types of benefits that matter most to potential contacts lens users, which helped the company create relevant, impactful messaging.
  • We assisted Alcon to optimize its search engine results, enhance the effectiveness of its website and improve its mobile user experience.
  • We also suggested the client run educational programs in collaboration with ophthalmologists, optics stores and optics websites.

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