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Decoding the German fashion social network


Equipped with insights from Social Media Network Analysis, brands can effectively segment and target groups, create highly-nuanced campaigns and ultimately have more impact.

This study demonstrated the advantages of our Social Media Network Analysis methodology in the German fashion industry.


We investigated who is really influencing the German fashion industry through social media.


Social Media Network Analysis goes far beyond semantics and content – it analyzes the relationships between brands and users as well as audience segments and interest clusters. For this particular study, we created a sample of 50,000 Twitter users whoshowed an active interest in fashion by contributing to the debate on social media. We analyzed their shared interests and segmented them into five clusters: Haute Couture, Make-up Artist, Casual Dressers, Celebrity Groupies and Video Kiddies.


Conventional wisdom is that it’s the social media users with the greatest following who possess the greatest power online. Our study showed that this assumption is mistaken in the German fashion business. For example, in the blogging space, we revealed Anna Frost as the leading opinion leader, even though she has less than a tenth of the followers of Daaruum. The sample contained big-name brands and celebrities, yet our analysis shows that it is everyday fashion enthusiasts who are among the most influential voices online.

By connecting individuals and interests, our Social Media Network Analysis gives brands the opportunity to gain a three-dimensional view of what and who is shaping their market online.

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