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Success story
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Building better relationships with young pharmacists


We provided insights into young pharmacists’ online behavior to help a Russian pharmaceuticals company target this audience more efficiently.

Our client is a multinational pharmaceuticals company operating in Russia.


Our client wanted to target young pharmacists (under 35 years old) more cost-effectively, on the right devices and channels, and with the right sort of information.


  • We recruited more than 100 working pharmacists in the target age group to participate in a longitudinal integrated study
  • We measured their actual online behavior across their PCs and mobile devices using tracking software
  • We conducted online surveys to get a better understanding of why they behave as they do.


Our research gave our client three key insights into its audience:

  • Young pharmacists, especially the 20-25 year-old age group, are active mobile Internet users
  • Search engines are key drivers of traffic to pharmaceutical websites
  • Education, training and career sites are important online touchpoints

The client is using these insights to optimize its digital marketing strategy, setting the foundation for long-term relationships with this vital audience.

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