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Bringing transparency to telecom tariffs


Bringing transparency to telecom tariffs

We provide a market leader in the German telecom market with real-time insight into competitors’ pricing strategies.


Our client wanted to have real-time visibility into its competitors’ online and offline pricing strategies, including prices of handsets and airtime bundles as well as retailer and operator promotions. It needed to have access to these insights daily, seven days a week, so it could anticipate and adapt to market dynamics. The operator wished to be able to analyze device and airtime prices by operator and retailer, as well as to look at pricing by device model.


We collect, track and classify tariff plans that Germany’s operators and retailers promote on the web and through print ads and flyers. We created an analysis tool for the client to use to benchmark tariff plans against each other and across dimensions such as retailer, provider, brand, model, rate, rebate and data volume.


The client uses our data to make proactive pricing decisions instead of reacting to moves by its competitors. Equipped with better pricing intelligence, it offers fewer discounts than it did in the past, yet has increased the number of contracts it sells. Our research benefits the company by giving it a powerful analytics tool, offering it more visibility into a complex market and reducing the costs of accessing up-to-the-minute tariff information.

The operator has also boosted the performance of its promotions. By tracking the effectiveness of homepage banners in driving SIM card activations, our client is able to optimize its advertising campaign and ensure the best possible return on investment.

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