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Success story
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Addressing emerging customer needs in the cosmetics market


We helped a beauty company in Japan find white spaces for innovation in the makeup remover and cleanser category.


Our client wanted to identify innovation spaces within the makeup remover category. It alsowanted to assess the market potential of hybrid products such as two-in-one makeup remover and face cleansers.


We kicked off the research by exploring how Tokyo women between 20 and 59 years oldview makeup remover. We conducted six focus groups with six respondents per group and three days of 30-minute online interviews with 12 respondents. Using our predictive benefit framework, we segmented the benefits the respondentssought from makeup removal products. Based on these insights, we recommended approaches to developing innovative products. We also examined trends in the makeup removal market and closely related categories for insights into the benefits and needs that are influencing consumers currently and possibly in the future.


Our study gave the client a consumer-centric lens through which it could view current trends in the makeup remover and cleanser category. It also identified a range of emerging“benefit spaces” where the company could address new and future customer needs with new products and benefits. The insights gave the beauty products firm direction and inspiration for strategy and innovation development.

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Yumiko Nagase